Gas Blowback Central is an American business focused on providing custom Airsoft parts and upgrades for its customers. The website needed a new front page for Shopify.

This project was very low cost and only required a maximum of three hours of work and was charged hourly due to that basis. Using a theme that was already purchased by the client, the Shopify theme customiser was used with some CSS coding in the backend to complete the work.

The Process

The client’s original front page was quite old and not as visually appealing as competitor websites. With guidance using the available theme and what the client was looking for, a specification was created as a guideline for the work. 

The main objective of this project was to create a new fornt page to represent the GBB Central online store.


As this was an hourly workload which involved close cooperation with the client. There was little need to document design and evaluation was performed on the fly with the client.

This was a unique project that required very little documentation and research.