Xsite Practical Shooting Club is an IPSC practical shooting club focused on promoting the sport of Action Air IPSC.

As the club grew and became more popular, there was a need to provide an online representation in the format of a website.

The Process

Most of the club’s communication is done via social media and email. The club needed a website for self representation and the ability to illustrate static information. This information would include hints, tips and a calendar to allow interested parties in seeing the available club events.

The main objective of this project was to create a website to represent the shooting club’s identity and provide information about the club’s activities.


After consultation with the committee, it was determined that the website would best illustrate the sport in the most visual way possible and give a brief understanding of the sport of IPSC including information about the club. The integration of a calendar was included to assist in showing ongoing events organised by the club.

The only content already available was some imagery and video from club members and third parties. This meant that a fair amount of content writing to assist with filling the website being made. 


The design requirements of the website were pretty simple. The colour scheme of the club is green.

The design closely reflected as such whilst using as much imagery as possible to best represent the underlying written content.


The website requires that the content can be changed and extended with little professional knowledge of web development. This being said, it was best to use a common WordPress content management system to simplify website creation and management.

With the choice of platform decided; we chose Dreamhost as the hosting platform based on cost and performance for a small website which included free cost of a new domain.

One other factor which was added for implementation was the use of a paid theme from Themeforest with the Elementor page builder to cut labour time and allow the client to make changes to the content on their own.


Since the website has been published, there has been some improvements and more content added over a period of time.

The website cost a total of £850~ (excluding annual hosting). This included 18 hours of mixed web development and content writing and the cost of the theme which severely cut development times.


There has been some extra content additions to keep the website updated however no extra development time has been required as the website is self sustaining.

The only maintenance to really take note has been to ensure that the client renews their domain every year.